Welcome Note

Since 2005, with the founding of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage, the capital of the UAE has gained cultural momentum. Abu Dhabi is turning into an important global forum for arts and culture, within the framework of the strategy set to transform Abu Dhabi into a cultural renaissance centre. This strategy works to launch leading artistic projects and aims to preserve the ancient cultural heritage of the UAE, along with the strengthening of activities that encourage openness to all cultures and to the dialogue of peoples and civilisations.

Music is distinct from other the other arts. It builds bridges between cultures, generations and peoples. It addresses all human beings, without exception, in one language.

In the context of its cultural strategy (2008-2012), Abu Dhabi is launching the project "Abu Dhabi Classics" to assure the world that we are able to promote cultural creativity and facilitate encounters of world civilizations, the way Andalusia had reflected in the most beautiful expression.

Our Arab heritage is filled with musical achievements that have contributed to world civilization and played an undeniably significant role in the history of world music. The music that the Arabs transferred to Andalusia continues to be effective and influential in Europe until today.

A long list of top classical musicians was brought to the visitors and public of Abu Dhabi and the UAE during the first Abu Dhabi Classics season (2008 – 2009). The list for the second season (October 2009 - May 2010) is eagerly awaited. Through this high-level musical event, which represents a large step towards globalism, distinguished world-class performers come to the cities of Al Ain and Abu Dhabi.

"Abu Dhabi Classics" reflects our belief in the importance of music as an integral part of the culture of any society, showing how Arab culture – rich with various trends of knowledge and arts – can engage in dialogue with the masterpieces of world music.

Mohammed Khalaf Al Mazrouei
Director General of Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage