A Symphony for All the Senses - Arabian Nights with European Artists

Many of today’s most famous musicians will visit this part of the world for the first time – to perform in the unique splendour of the Emirates Palace, on open-air concert stages, in theatres, or at a fortress in the desert.

Abu Dhabi Classics will combine Arab hospitality with an unsurpassed cultural offering. Whether in Abu Dhabi, dynamic capital of the United Arab Emirates, or in the lush oasis of Al Ain, often called the “Garden City of the Arabian Gulf”, the lure of encounters with an exotic world and with internationally renowned artists is only a six-hour flight away.

Amid luxury hotels and breathtaking beaches, with concerts under the starry November skies: Abu Dhabi Classics is building bridges between Europe and the Arabian Peninsula by uniting recreation at the highest level with cultural experiences of supreme artistic quality.

Every year, beginning in 2008, Abu Dhabi Classics will take its place as one of the UAE’s cultural centrepieces, establishing the emirate firmly on the artistic world map through an ambitious project comparable to those of the Louvre or the Guggenheim – all in an atmosphere defined by mutual respect and open-mindedness.